Google Ranking Factors 2014 [SEO]

Google has Done it again and changed the ranking factors for Websites via the Google search engine. But no worries this time around with the Google Hummingbird Algorithm update we have alot more information about exactly what googles plans are and below ill try and Explain what is currently contributing to Google rankings.

This Graphic Below List some of the Top Ranking factors for 2014.

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Google SEO-us-ranking-factors-2013

One of the Main questions I always get is why social media sites are so powerful in the ranking of websites and keywords. All I ever respond with is …

The moment Google decided to build a social network to compete with Facebook … the internet changed forever.

I like seriously look at the Number one contributing factor in SEO rankings … Its not Keywords in H1 Tags or Proper site-maps or even a great domain name. Its google plus and Google “1up’s” having a Google plus Page is almost a Requirement for ranking for ANYTHING in a search engine that includes Bing, Yahoo, and Even the Yandex search engine.

Social Signals are the NUMBER ONE Contributing Factor in SEO rankings not websites, Keyword Matching Domains or even being Jackie Chans Number one fan … Means nothing if your not social.

I know it makes NO SENSE!
Region capture 860

Facebook for Example used to be a Closed Platform and only Facebook users could see and interact with Facebook content. But Facebook is seeing how the Google Plus Movement could threaten their social dominance. So Facebook has recently allowed facebook images to show up in image searches (Partnership with BING, Yahoo & AOL) and now even allowing users to Embed individual facebook post on external websites.

So with all that said Lets try and Map out an Ideal strategy for Ranking for any Brand or Keyword.

First, … Dont try and Rank for a Keyword … -_- Seriously … its too noisy out there and all your Hard work will get you nowhere. 

The Goal should be to figure out who are you targeting, Shoppers, Niche fans who ever those people are your first step is to figure out WHAT they are searching for and I dont mean like generic terms like  Wedge shoes, coffee makers or Sharknado. What you should be targeting is Long tail Keywords meaning, Instead of targeting “Coffee Makers” we would target users searching for “The best Coffee makers” or “Where to Buy Coffee Makers”.

When people use google or other search engines they dont just type i a word and hope for the best … they almost always ask the search engine q question. This is why websites like Yahoo answers ranks So high and still gets so much traffic. If I wanted to sell Coffee Makers I would target people searching for “How to fix a Coffee Maker” or “why is my Coffee Maker Not working?” … Obviously someone needs a new one lol.

Over 70% of internet searches are Long Tail Keywords,


So as you can see ranking for the Word “Coffee” will be hard work and could cost you Millions to be Number one. But Ranking for long tail Keywords (Phrases and Questions) you are tapping into an Exact Market of users who are looking for your Product or service and they dont even know it.

So If we Combine Social Profiles (Google Plus), with long tail keywords and links to a website with products or services! #POW Thats a Great way yo get started on your Successful SEO rankings Journey.



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